Fruit juice causes tooth decay in children

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Fruit juice has negative effects on children’s teeth, contrary to the belief of many parents that it is good for the health of their children, a recent study shows. The newspaper “The Times” British that the excessive intake of orange juice and natural fruit by children is a time bomb, calling on parents to be vigilant to unleash their children in the matter of eating fruit juices.

A recent government campaign was launched in Britain to promote healthy food by eating unsweetened juice once a day for children over the age of five and no more than 150 milliliters. Dr. Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Dental Health Foundation in Britain, said the most important message to parents is to remember that it is not important how much sugar children eat and drink.

Carter said fruit juices are gaining popularity, and some believe that eating them is a good idea because they contain fruits, but the fact is that these juices contain high levels of sugar, causing great damage to the teeth.

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