For Men: How to keep the rest of your hair?

About 85 percent of men have light hair by the age of 50, but according to studies some men begin to lose their hair even before they reach 21!

The reason for this is not hair coverage by the cap. On the contrary, exposure to strong sun has a major role in hair loss and wear. Cap may be a good solution to cover hair at times. Sunscreen products should be chosen.

The reason is also not combing, cleaning and making hairstyles if it does not expose the hair to break.

Many studies indicate a statistically significant relationship between smoking and increased baldness in men. Therefore, if you need a strong reason to quit smoking, add early baldness to your list of other causes.

What causes hair loss:

More than 95% of hair loss in men is caused by heredity, and these genes can come from either parent.

As well as the effect of male hormone “Androgen”, which rises in adulthood, which can affect the hair.

In some cases, some drugs may lead to hair loss, for example vitamin A, although it is important for hair, but too much leads to hair loss!

Not getting enough protein and iron can cause hair loss, as hair needs along with omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

Veneer is an important cause of hair loss so it must be eliminated quickly

Is your hair trying to tell you something about your health? Some experts estimate that we may lose about 100 or more hairs a day. This is not a cause for concern. It does not mean that you are bald, replaced by new hair, but any change in your system can stop new hair from growing, such as surgery or certain medications. Or a severe diet or severe stress or thyroid problems.

Maintain the remaining hair:

Maintaining the rest of the hair is easier than restoring the hair again. You should do your best to do this, but be careful as hair treatment products are not effective and many of them once you stop using them increase your hair loss.

There is no miracle way to treat baldness in males, but you can slow down the spread with some drugs until the new hair grows, try to consult a dermatologist in this regard, and there are several ways of treatment:

Drugs containing active ingredient: Minoxidil

– Stimulates hair growth and is more effective if you are under the age of 40

– Use: twice a day and then come to the results after four months

But it is not a cure for baldness. If you stop using it, your hair will fall again, but maybe faster and stronger

Side effects: You may have redness, itching and dry scalp irritation

Active Ingredient Finasteride :

– Stop hair loss in nearly 90% of men and about two-thirds of these men grow up with new hair.

But it is not a cure for baldness because once you stop it, your hair will fall again

It has side effects on sexual aspects such as erectile dysfunction, but it stops once you stop taking medication


Biotin is an indispensable vitamin B for your health and it is found in foods such as egg yolks, yeast, liver and others, but experts have not found enough evidence that it helps hair growth again.

Laser Therapy:

The laser may help stop hair loss by absorbing the follicles to the laser light at a certain level, which stimulates the hair to grow, but studies have shown that it can not prevent baldness or restore hair.

What is expected after baldness?

There are alarming signs of baldness: the decline of M-shaped hair. Hair begins to fade from the top of your head until it leaves a bald spot. The hair line in the front area begins to gradually recede from both sides, thus increasing the forehead width. Eventually, the two meet. The head is completely free of hair and is the most common form of baldness.

Tricks to lay off your hair:

Try to make hair cuts to make your hair loss less obvious. This may help you cut hair lightly, because its length can damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss and break because excess weight pulls the hair down

Hair care and the use of hairdressing products that may add volume to your hair and handle your hair gently will also help

Try to eat salmon to supply omega-3, spinach and carrots for vitamin A, nuts, cashew nuts, milk, whole grains and vegetables, good for your hair, body and heart.

Finally remember that the man is not his hair and tried to think of other things you can control, and you may have to think differently and make different layoffs like shaving the whole head.

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