For Men Foods For Prostate Health

The prostate, part of the male reproductive system, is the gland that surrounds the bladder and the urethra. This gland can become inflamed. prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men, so it is important to maintain prostate health to avoid many problems. .

There is no conclusive evidence that good nutrition can prevent prostate problems, but a healthy balanced diet may reduce many risks. Eating snacks from vegetables and fruits is a smart idea for health in general and for prostate health in particular. Chris Moore, a nutritionist, and there are some foods that should be made by men to address the health and overall health of the prostate, especially we recognize the following


Such as strawberries and blackberries, berries contain a high proportion of vitamin C and antioxidants, which play an important role in the body because they prevent the damage of free radicals, which are molecules that attack healthy cells and can contribute to the risk of cancer, while vitamin C may also help to alleviate Symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia By promoting urination and reducing swelling, there are about 90 milligrams of vitamin C in one cup of strawberry and about 14 mg in a glass of cranberry, other great sources of vitamin C include citrus, melon, spinach, cauliflower, mango and Recommended for most adult men, b 90 milligrams handed vitamin C daily.

Fatty fish

There are many reasons why you are keen to have omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Omega-3S helps reduce bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol levels, lowers high blood pressure, helps reduce weight, and can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Although experts generally recommend reducing animal fats to prostate health, a high diet in omega-3s can help promote prostate health as omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods such as salmon and herring, actually help reduce the risk of prostate cancer .

A study published last year discussed the effect of omega-3 fats on the development of prostate cancer. Its anti-inflammatory effects prevent tumor growth, so it is important to replace some other animal fat with fatty fish such as wild salmon, sardines, anchovies and tuna that contain omega-3 fatty acids, Researchers recommend that men take two diets of omega-3 fatty acids a week.


Healthy fats such as those in nuts can help lower cholesterol and promote brain health. Brazil’s nut is not only a good source of vital nutrients such as vitamin E and calcium, but it also contains selenium, which a study published in 2010 suggests may help fight Prostate cancer, Brazil’s nuts contain more than 100 percent of the daily requirement of selenium.


Here is one swap that will promote prostate health: Replacing red meat with plant proteins. Beans contain high protein and other vital nutrients. A cup of black beans, for example, provides about 15 grams of protein and 15 grams of fiber , Which can promote prostate health.

Green tea

Research suggests that green tea can help protect against prostate cancer. It also helps to reduce cholesterol and improve memory and attention, so you can enjoy drinking green tea and protecting yourself from prostate cancer at the same time.

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