For a loss of 2 kg in one day

The problem of dieting and weight loss issues of concern in the lives of many and tired some in the reduction of one kilogram of the body, most likely to increase weight by the wrong food practices, so Madam offer you an effective way to get rid of water and excess body waste for the loss of 2 kg a day One .

– How to lose 2 kg in one day:

The first advice is to consume 1 liter of water a day. If you are not accustomed to drinking water, you can start with one liter and then increase to four liters of water, but be careful of excessive abundance. You can also add juices to your day.

Some who want to get rid of excess weight quickly recommend drinking water for several days and then reducing water on the day of cleaning for weight loss easily.

Second advice: Reduce salt only 500 grams, with complete abstinence from ready-made foods such as vegetables, canned fruit, instant soup, meat and cheese. All these foods contain large amounts of salt to help preserve.

Tip 3: Eat low-processed foods such as eggs, seafood, non-salty nuts, fresh vegetables, garlic, kiwi, wild rice, etc. The same samples.

Tip 4: Remove body waste by running or walking for half an hour a day when waking up straight from sleep to make the digestive system work more efficiently.

Tip 5: After walking back, eat a fiber-rich breakfast after 90 minutes of waking up with fruit, vegetables and oatmeal. You can set 30 grams of daily consumption for breakfast.

Tip 6: The consumption of coffee and tea is considered a “diuretic” for this to facilitate the process of output. You can lose approximately one kilogram in that process only.

Tip 7: Eat fruits, vegetables, diuretics such as tomatoes, melons, berries, fennel, lettuce, celery, carrots or green tea to rid the body of excess water.

Tip 8: Use dietary supplements of live bacteria such as probiotics every day contain active bacteria with little salt or Indian mushrooms instead of yogurt.

Tip Nine: Refrain from taking carbohydrates on the day you lose weight, eat vegetables and fruit instead, and take power instead of bread.

Tip 10: Eat less than your daily effort The body starts to burn fat and calories instead of burning food.

Some quick tips for daily slimming:

– The experience of the sauna is to get rid of the body of 3 kg of water you can try after a day of sports, with caution it for only one day.

– Do not sit in front of television or computer for long periods, but activating the body activities kinetic help to burn without taking food.

– Use the time to do household tasks without food to maintain adequate burn.

Important Note: These practices should be for one day only and not all.

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