Foot Care Recipes

Foot Care

Foot care is one of the main plans in the personal hygiene list. Their health is a very important part. It helps to avoid infections and foot diseases such as foot and foot. Foot care is not only covered with soap and water but also involves many steps. And the stages to be followed to get two feet healthy, and in this article will be recognized in the recipes and detailed foot care methods as well.

Foot care methods at home

  • Cleaning the feet:

The person should wash and clean the feet daily with soap and hot water. It is advisable to use the appropriate soap for the body’s skin to prevent skin irritation and moisture. The feet should be gently and gently rubbed especially between the fingers, which is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi if not dried well.

  • Drying feet:

It is recommended to dry the feet well and not leave them wet using a piece of cotton cloth for the purpose of drying the feet, and prefer not to share their personal tools such as soap and cloth for drying the feet, it is best not to wear closed shoes until the guarantee of dry feet completely.

  • Spraying powder:

One of the methods of foot care is to sprinkle the powder on them with a small amount. It is preferable that the powder used is medical. This step comes after washing the feet and drying them well. The importance of the powder is to absorb moisture from the feet and protect them from excessive dirt and sweating.

  • Wear cotton socks:

Cotton socks are the best option when moving forward with foot care, allowing the feet to breathe and the flow of air to them easily, and advised to avoid wearing nylon socks completely because of their role in blocking the flow of air and thus loss of control of sweating and infection of bacteria and fungi.

  • Care for ventilation of the feet:

Ventilation of the feet is one of the most important steps of foot care, as it helps to raise the feet and reduce the risk of disease and disease.

  • Trim nails constantly:

Keep short protects the foot from the dirt pool under the nails and is considered an effective step in maintaining the safety of the feet and their health.

  • Observe and inspect the feet:

This step is to look at the feet and lose them to ensure that there are no ulcers and wounds; although it is simple at first, it can be agreed later.

  • Peeling and :

A custom stone is used to peel the feet and remove the dead skin by rubbing them. It is recommended to apply moisturizing cream to the feet after peeling and wear cotton socks until the cream is absorbed.

Foot care recipes at home

  • English Salt Recipe:

Mix 2 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda together; add 3 liters of warm water, then put some desired aromatic drops ; then soak the feet into the mixture.

Benefit : Helps to give a feeling of rest and relaxation and the withdrawal of pain and fatigue from the feet a long day of fatigue and fatigue, and helps English salt to treat muscle tension and get rid of dead skin cells.

  • Chamomile recipe:

Add 1/8 cup of dried parsley and 4 bags of tea to 3 liters of hot water; add 4 drops of essential oils such as lavender oil or almond oil and others; leave the ingredients for 10 minutes before soaking the feet in the mixture, then put the feet as needed .

Benefit:  Treat the muscle strain suffered by the feet thanks to chamomile, and reduces the pain associated with rheumatism in the presence of the feet.

  • Recipe for Coarse Salt and Eucalyan Oil:

Add 2 cups of coarse salt to 3 liters of warm water. Apply a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to the water, and then put the feet in the mixture to soak for a quarter of an hour. It should be noted that the fragrance of essential oil is characterized by jet power and similarity with the smell of menthol.

Benefit: Eliminate stress, give the skin moisture and ultra softness.

  • Corn Starch Recipe:

Add one cup and a quarter cup of coarse salt and an equal amount of English salt, a cup and a quarter of baking soda to 3 liters of water, add a quarter cup of cornstarch to the previous mixture, and then put the feet in water for a while.

Benefit: Remove fatigue, fatigue and inflammation that affect the feet.

  •  The recipe for lemon and olive oil:

This recipe requires only 1 cup of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil, mix well and then add to 3 liters of warm water, and soak the feet with water for a while.

Benefits: Helps treat foot cracks due to the presence of olive oil; it plays a very important role in maintaining the moisture of the skin and remove the dead skin, and also treats the bombing and breaking of nails.

Foot Care Tips

  • Avoid walking completely barefoot.
  • Apply sunscreen on feet when wearing open shoes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for feet.
  • Must be done sandpaper for feet twice a week.
  • Ventilating the feet constantly.
  • Go to your doctor if you have ulcers or infections.
  • Take care to wear cotton socks every day.
  • Use a cooled foot.
  • Minimize the use of nail polish as much as possible.
  • Subject to weekly massage for feet to stimulate circulation.

Causes of cracked feet

  • Obesity, where it increases the pressure on the feet.
  • Dry skin and lack of foot care altogether.
  • Standing for a long time on a hard and hard ground.
  • Walking barefoot.
  • Lack of personal hygiene for the feet.
  • Do not give the feet the necessary ventilation.
  • Do not dry the feet after washing or bathing.
  • Hyper-wear open shoes from the back.
  • Lack of drinking fluids and water.
  • Do not use moisturizers and creams for feet.

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