Foods that treat constipation

Constipation and the common side effects that affect the digestive system in adults and children, and this is because of the inability to pass food in the intestines and colon and rectum, which leads to the difficulty of digestion of food and stuttering output or defecation, and there are some foods and foods that treat constipation and soften the movement Intestines, and below we will get to know you more and in detail about the top 10 foods that treat constipation in adults and young people.

Foods that treat constipation

Top 10 foods that treat constipation

Here is a list of the best and most prominent food, which range from foods, fruits, vegetables and legumes, and have a major role in the treatment of the problem of chronic constipation suffered by many:

1. Pearly

Pears are one of the best natural fruits that treat constipation, because they contain a high amount of fiber that softens the stool and promotes the movement of the intestine, and the passage of foods through the digestive channels, and the pear contains a large proportion of fructose and sorbitol than any other fruit, Enter water into the intestines.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi is also an important food that eliminates the constipation quickly because of the natural fibers and compounds that increase the bowel movements and increase the movement of stool inside the colon.

3. Peaches

Peach is one of the main foods to resist severe constipation. This is because it contains a large amount of insoluble dietary fiber that increases the water content of the stool by fermenting those fibers in peaches to produce fatty acids that increase the weight of the stool.

4. Corn flakes

One of the most effective cures for constipation is yellow corn flakes, which softens the stomach and promotes fast bowel movements. It also promotes long-term feeling of satiety because it contains antioxidants. You can eat corn flakes during breakfast and place them in a salad bowl .

5. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the green vegetables, which is one of the largest sources of food for dietary fiber, which facilitates the passage of food through the colon, and stimulate the movement of the bowel, and thus get rid of constipation, where broccoil contains many vitamins and nutrients important for the health of the digestive system.

6. Lettuce

The lettuce is one of the best types of leafy vegetables that treat constipation. It is a natural moisturizer for the stomach and is softening the intestines because it is rich in dietary fiber, which is one of the strongest treatments for constipation. It also contains a large percentage of natural oils.

7. Artichoke

You can also treat the chronic constipation experienced by these magical eaters with a distinctive taste and a great advantage in regulating bowel movement and promote the functions of the colon, namely artichoke, which contains a percentage of unsaturated carbohydrates such as prepaytok, which increases the presence of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, Of harmful bacteria.

8. The rhubarb plant

This leafy plant is classified as a leafy plant known for its catalytic benefits to increase intestinal movement, increasing the water content in the stool, making it easier to leave and making it softer. The rhubarb leaves contain a large number of dietary fibers that treat constipation and indigestion. Through the authorities and pancakes.

9. Raisins

Dried fruits are one of the most intestinal and intestinal- containing foods, especially raisnins which contain the largest amount of fiber that feeds the digestive system and stimulates the colon. It also contains sorbitol, one of the strongest laxatives of the natural intestine.

9. Peas

All legume foods play an important role in the treatment of constipation, the most important of which are green peas, which contain a high percentage of dietary fiber that promote the health of the colon and stimulate the movement of the intestine.

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