Foods that help lower blood sugar

Diabetes is a chronic disease experienced by many around the world, prompting research centers and doctors to intensify the search for an effective drug for treatment.

In contrast, some patients resort to natural herbal remedies, use many popular recipes, and eat certain foods and certain types of vegetables to control high sugar.

Below we review 10 natural foods indicated to have an ability to lower blood sugar level.

– Tomatoes: have very useful properties contribute to reduce blood sugar, prevent heart disease, and used tomatoes as vegetables and fruits.

– Carrots: Contains “carotene” and vitamin A, and has the ability to help maintain the blood sugar level at almost ideal limit.

– Peanuts: because they contain healthy fats and proteins, all of which contribute significantly to lowering blood sugar.

– Peach: a fruit that works normally to maintain the level of sugar in the blood low, and can be taken as it is or drink it as juice.

Lentils: rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, makes the person feel full for a long time, and has the ability to maintain the level of sugar in the blood low and stable.

– Hummus: Hummus has gained great importance in the United States in the last two decades, because of its role in reducing the level of sugar in the blood.

Broccoli is one of the most vital foods of the human body. It is able to maintain a low level of sugar in the blood, as well as giving the body immunity against cancer.

– Cabbage: It is characterized by a low rate of calories, and fat is negligible, also contains vitamin C.

– Mushroom: helps reduce blood sugar, it is commonly used to add flavor to dishes, it is also an anti-cancer plant.

– Broccoli: has many benefits, including the prevention of heart disease, and is known to have anti-cancer properties.

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