Foods that contribute to weight gain in a safe and healthy way

Most of the advice given by dietitians is to lose weight, but there are many people who have weights that need to be increased, looking for tips and not finding them easily. Therefore, we will show you in this article the methods of weight gain through diet.

Importance of weight gain:

You may be suffering from a condition or a few appetites that cause your weight to decrease significantly and the practice of some exercises such as muscle building and violent sports lead to a significant reduction in body weight as well as genetic factors and all these cases should be overweight to be Natural and healthy.

– Therefore, we recommend that you eat the following foods to help increase your weight safely:

Meal division:

The majority of people divide their meals into three large meals and a snack, but the healthy and correct thing is to eat six small meals that contain less food so that you do not give yourself the opportunity to feel hungry. Three meals should contain protein, carbohydrates, Healthy fats will help your body gain weight by a kilo per week.


If you are exercising, you should have additional healthy meals that provide your body with the energy it needs. If you are building your muscles, increase calories and protein to make sure you gain weight in certain areas of your body, for example, the upper part .


It is known that most of the people who suffer from diseases suffer from anorexia and lack of desire to eat, which contributes to reducing the calories that enter your body and so after recovering from the disease to compensate for what I lost Vashbrebi natural juices and eat the protein that is abundant in meat and Fish, chicken, eggs, milk, products, pulses and whole grains.


To increase your appetite for food, make sure to walk a little before you eat the meal and if the date of the food and you are not willing to eat, then eat what you like or add to the herbs and spices because they open the appetite and reduce the drinking of water because it contributes to your sense of satiety .

healthy food :

The food you eat should contain high calories, vitamins, minerals and salts and avoid harmful foods containing sugars and fats. Although they contain high calories that do not contain high nutritional values, it is best to eat foods Which contain plant fats such as nuts, seeds and oils.

Health Supplements:

Add natural oils to vegetables and whole grains because they give you extra calories. You can also add mayonnaise to salad salad and eat fried foods with natural oils such as olive oil.

Dried fruits:

Contains high calories and nutrients and you can take them in their natural form or add them to sweets, yoghurt and others.

And you can drink sweetened juices that contain high calories instead of water to help your body to gain weight and do not forget to consult your doctor to get you on the right track.

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