Foods for dinner to burn fat and get rid of excess weight

The dinner should provide the person with a quarter of his daily food needs. Unfortunately, most Arab peoples rely on eating fast food in the evening, which causes obesity.

Foods that can be eaten in the evening and will be the following:Foods for dinner to burn fat and get rid of excess weight

Asparagus : works to combat the retention of water in the body for its richness of potassium and its poverty with sodium. It also contains amino acid, which accelerates the metabolism of fats.

Apples : A person feels full and rich in fiber helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It also works to raise blood sugar safely and gradually and keep it for a longer period of time than most fruits.

Grapefruit : rich in pectin, which limits the absorption of fat in cells, promotes water absorption that helps release fatty deposits from the body. It is also rich in galacturonic acid which also fights fat.

Soy : Rich in lecithin, which prevents absorption of fat and promotes the breakdown of fatty deposits.

Beetroot or Beetroot : Cleans blood cells, expels fatty residues and cleanses liver and kidneys.

Mulberry : Contains pectin that breaks down fat cells. The richness of nutrients that can fight cancer.

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