Foods containing vitamin D

Foods that contain vitamin D Talking about foods that contain vitamin D can be a challenge because their food intake is very short. In general, food sources are not enough to meet the daily needs of vitamin D, and adequate exposure to radiation The sun even gets the human needs of it

History of Vitamin D

Foods containing vitamin D

In the early 20th century, scientists discovered that rickets, a childhood disease known as deformity in bone growth, can be avoided by a compound called fat-soluble factor D, also called “calciferol”. On the calcium deposition in bones, which is a bone strengthening, and was discovered after vitamin A.

The world has discovered the presence of this vitamin in the liver oil of the whale, and that vitamin D deficiency was called a deficiency disease and that the patient’s condition improves when given a bit of whale liver oil, was used in Scotland as a traditional medicine in treatment Some pathological conditions.

In 1960, the vitamin D-based compound was obtained, allowing extensive study and metabolic processes within the body of the organism.

Sources of Vitamin D

Foods containing vitamin D

There are many sources of vitamin D, including:

1 – Exposure to the sun at the right time so that the individual gets ultraviolet radiation, which enables him to obtain the appropriate amount of vitamin “D”.

2 – food, including salmon, sardines, shrimp and yogurt, we find that 4 ounces of canned red or roasted salmon (the best sources of vitamin “D”) contains 739.37 units of vitamin “D” while 4 ounces of salmon The other contains 411 units of vitamin D, and the reason that the proportion of vitamin “D” high in red salmon is that the main source of food is platonic plants and phytoplankton, which is a rich source of vitamin “D”.

3 – Whale liver oil is one of the most important sources in which there is a large amount of vitamin D.

Foods containing vitamin D

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1 – Milk : Usually supports milk with vitamin D because the proportion of vitamin in it is considered a few in the original.The quantity of milk to be taken daily to reach the recommended level is different from another country and of course depends on the amount of vitamin “D” added to milk, and for some milk products such as cheese and ice cream is not fortified with vitamin “D”, thus is not a good source of vitamin ” Dr”.

2 – Fish liver oil : The benefits of vitamin D can be obtained by cod liver oil, with one tablespoon or 15 ml of it contains 1300 IU of vitamin.

3. Salmon and Merkel : Salmon and marmal are both good sources of vitamin D, with 100 grams of cooked salmon or margarine containing 350 IU of vitamin D.

4 – Sardine : The intake of 50 grams of canned sardines provides adults with a good amount of vitamin D, which is equivalent to 250 IU.

5 – Tuna: 90 grams of canned tuna in oil provides us with 200 IU of vitamin D.

6-egg yolk : egg yolk one equivalent to 20 IU of vitamin D.

7 – fortified cereals : 250 ml of dry grain provides about 40 IU of vitamin D, and as in milk depends on the proportion of vitamin added to strengthen.

8. Beef Liver : 100 grams of cooked beef liver is equivalent to 15 IU of vitamin D,

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