Food modifications to protect the ovaries from diseases

To avoid ovarian polycystic syndrome and ovarian cancer, you should reduce the excess weight, even if only slightly, and reduce the intake of foods that lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar. Besides, you can adjust your diet and prioritize some foods.Avoid foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar

At the forefront of food adjustments is attention to low-calorie foods rich in nutrients. According to studies at the American Cancer Research Institute, low-calorie foods help reduce insulin resistance, which helps prevent ovarian pap smear.

To achieve the same goal, you can eat small meals and increase the number of meals to avoid hunger. You have to be careful of excess satiety with each meal, a pattern similar to a diet that protects against diabetes.

In other words, instead of eating sugar-rich sweets, eat vegetables, fruits and nuts. And take full advantage of sugary drinks such as cola and various soda types.

Because preventive food adjustments are aimed at weight loss, you should choose nutritious and fiber-rich foods that make you feel full, like legumes, and choose lean meats. You can switch to animal formula alternatives to low-fat cheeses.

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