“Food and medicine” warns of unknown cosmetic blends

A survey conducted by the SFDA on a sample of health practitioners about their side effects of cosmetic and personal care products found that unknown cosmetic blends caused 36% of these symptoms.

The Commission conducted a questionnaire to identify the main causes of the side effects of cosmetics and personal care products, identify the most relevant cosmetic products, and check the safety of cosmetic products in the local market, which contributes to the development of plans to monitor the market and identify the sources of products that caused The occurrence of side effects for consumers to take the necessary control measures.

The questionnaire targeted 2778 health practitioners in various health disciplines. The questionnaire was divided into several topics, including questions about the types of cases received, which suffer from side effects due to the use of cosmetic products, and questions about most of these products causing side effects and sources according to patient reports.

The survey revealed that 45% of health practitioners received side effects due to the use of cosmetic products, 60% received at least one case a month and that females aged 15 to 40 were the most vulnerable to side effects of cosmetic products.

Skin care products were the most frequent side effects of 44%, followed by kohl, make up and nail care products by 29%. Hair and scalp products ranked third with 23% 4%.

Side effects due to the use of cosmetic products ranged from irritation, redness or itching in the area where these products were used, as well as the appearance of pills or scars, or change the color of the skin and the appearance of spots or hair loss and hair loss products for hair care and scalp.

The survey showed that 43% of the cases received by health practitioners were due to the sensitivity of patients in one of the components of the products they used. The use of unknown mixtures came second with 36%, while the percentage of cases resulting from not following the proper use of the product was 13% , While 8% of the cases had side effects due to the use of expired cosmetic products.

The results of the questionnaire concluded that consumer awareness should be raised not to use anonymous cosmetic products, to use products as instructed on the product and to check the validity of the product before use; to avoid any side effects.

Dr. Adel Bin Abdullah Al-Harif, Executive Vice President of the Drug Sector at the SFDA stressed the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources through which to trace the source of the product and the need to read the instructions of each product; to know the correct way to use it to reach the desired benefit, And ensure that no harm is caused by the use of that product. 
“Haref” is advised to report if there are any side effects of any product or cosmetic products that are not listed or have already been warned by the Commission, through the electronic alerting models, or by calling the unified number: 19999.

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