Food and medicine for citizens: Beware 3 foods that raise the rate of calories in the body

The Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has warned of three foods that raise the caloric rate: Mayonnaise, cream and local drink, noting that eating one teaspoon increases calories at 60, 80 and 65 calories respectively.

According to the official account of the social networking site “Twitter”, Monday (January 14, 2019), the most appropriate to reduce calories in food is the use of cooking methods do not lead to increase, such as barbecue or steam cooking, with the use of a few components or free of Fat, and reduced meal sizes, as well as alternatives with lower caloric content, such as vegetables and fruits.

She said that food establishments can offer calories for a full meal, or for each ration, with the possibility of calculating calories, through the application of “calories”, a free database that helps enterprises to register the ingredients of their meals, or through the advisory services provided by experts with a license From the FDA, with laboratory analysis through licensed food labs, through the US Department of Agriculture’s free databases, or free or paid calorie calculation programs.

The Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has announced that the areas of calorie application include restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, juice shops, bakeries, pastries and cafeterias, noting that calorie displays include request delivery points, electronic menus, Dining venues, restaurant websites and smart device applications.

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