“Food and medicine” ban 4 substances in children’s sweets cause hyperactivity (video)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the banning of 4 substances in children’s sweets that cause their hyperactivity, although allowed in Europe and America.

On the evening of Tuesday (January 15th, 2019), Mohammed Al Dosari, a senior food specialist at the Authority, said during his hosting of the “Ya Hala” program on “Rotana Khalijia” that four artificial colors were banned in sweets. Hyperactivity, movement and distraction in the child, explaining that the study that indicated that it was not definitive or assertive, but reported the existence of a possibility between hyperactivity and those colors.

European legislation allowed such colors to exist, he said, but he obliged companies to write a product warning that the colors used could cause hyperactivity and distraction in children.

Mohammed al-Dosari – Senior Specialist in the Food Sector  
The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) was the first to ban the use of 4 industrial substances in children’s sweets, although it is permitted in Europe and America because it is suspected to have an effect on hyperactivity, movement and distraction. yrAOdUa7XG

– YAHLA Program (@YaHalaShow) January 15, 2019

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