Fluid diet and its health benefits in weight loss

Fluid diet is one of the best types of dieting that has proven to be very effective when followed by a number of people. Weight loss was achieved at a rate of seven kilograms per week. This type of dieting depends heavily on fluids in diets and focuses on the diversity among all those fluids Some of the researchers said that vegetables help the body to build and renew cells in general. This is recommended by nutrition experts around the world to the need for vegetables inside Any diet.

Water enters the body mainly in this type of diet and we know that water is characterized by its ability to remove toxins and rid the body of it and has many other benefits such as burning body fat and before the start of dieting fluids recommend nutrition experts around the world to take water naturally before starting In two grams per day, equivalent to eight cups divided throughout the day.

– Prior to starting fluids:

– Before you start a fluid diet, you should take fluids before starting diet for a period of two weeks.

– Eat fruits that contain water such as melons and melons.

– Eat soups chicken soup, vegetables and meat.

– Green tea is important for weight loss because it weakens appetite and skimmed milk because it does not contain saturated fat.

– Stay away from gaseous beverages of all types and beverages saved because they represent low nutritional value and excess calories and have no value.

All of this must be done before you start dieting fluids to get used to the body how much fluids arrive in the days of diet, the diet once followed by missing the body about seven billion grams can be followed this diet for the need only such as the presence of joy or joy or occasion to appear in the form Decent, here is a diet schedule for a week plus water for two liters per day

First day :

Breakfast: a glass of fresh Roman juice

Lunch: low fat duck soup and cocktail juice

Dinner: A glass of yogurt with cocktail era

the second day :

Breakfast: fresh apple juice

Food: Mushroom Soup with Vegetables

Dinner: A glass of orange juice brushes.

the third day :

Breakfast: A glass of milk without sugar

Lunch: meat soup with a piece of boiled meat

Dinner: A cup of yogurt milled mixer with fruit.

the fourth day :

Breakfast: a glass of watermelon juice

Lunch: Vegetable soup with apple juice

Dinner: a glass of milk without sugar

The fifth day :

Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice

Lunch: Grilled fish pieces with fish soup

Dinner: A yogurt box with honey

the sixth day :

Breakfast: A glass of cocktail juice

Lunch: Sea Snail Soup

Dinner: a glass of carrot juice with a yogurt tray

the seventh day :

Breakfast: A glass of fresh pineapple juice

Lunch: mushroom soup with beet salad

Dinner: a yogurt box.

You can change and replace days with liquids that you like and prefer to install milk daily to help sleep, in addition to water of course and exercise on a daily schedule.

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