Flow water for children is safe or not

Many people wonder about the alkaline water Flo, which has recently spread by the rumors about being therapeutic waters, which contribute to the treatment of many health problems and chronic diseases such as high,blood pressure high blood sugar and even heart disease related to high chelestrol , For children, is it perfectly safe for children to use? Or does it pose some danger to the health of our children? Especially as it causes some side effects, as opposed to normal drinking water, and together we review information about flu water for children in the following lines.

What is Flo Water for Children?

Flow water is a type of alkaline water, which has a pH of 8, and contains many minerals and minerals that are important to compensate for body shortages, which help to moisturize the body in a healthy way. The children’s flu water contains sodium salts, chloride, calcium , Silica, bicarbonate, sulfate, potassium and magnesium.

Is alkaline water safe for children?

There is not much research available to prove the safety of alkaline water for children. Although it contributes to the rebalancing of the body’s pH, the emergence of some side effects of alkaline water has raised controversy about its use for children under the age of 14 because of its negative impact The body of children may not be tolerated.

Research on alkaline water for children added some warnings that adults should consider when taking children to alkaline water:

  • It is not recommended to use alkaline water to make children’s food.
  • Children should not take medicines with alkaline water.
  • Fluid water is strictly prohibited for children while eating, as they should be taken at intervals throughout the day.

Benefits of Flo Water for Children

Taking into account previous warnings, children over the age of 14 can enjoy the benefits of alkaline flu water, which are:

  • Protect their bodies from malignant tumors.
  • It also increases the body’s immune system performance, thereby strengthening immunity and effectively fighting disease.
  • Contribute greatly to the moisturizing and care of children’s skin, because of the contain many of the mineral salts that give high value to them.
  • Contribute to the protection and strengthening bones, and contribute to the preservation of toothenamel and strength.
  • Treat the pain of arthritis and rheumatic pains.
  • And can be used from time to time to benefit from the body of children without relying on them completely, so that children can avoid damage.

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