Flavored juice contains a medicine for bone pain

It is common pain that afflicts many, especially the elderly, back pain, knee, legs and ankle. This pain is usually associated with people who sit for long periods, whether in offices or in cars, especially if they do not engage in physical activity on a daily basis. Of course, those pains accompany the elderly because they sit for a long time at home without movement.

And, of course, to treat such pain, the patient resorted to painkillers, which have negative effects on the rest of the body, especially if they are dealt with frequently. But as usual, we look for natural recipes that may come with the same analgesics but without harming the rest of the body.

According to the Daily Health Post, there is a softened, home-made juice that can be easily prepared, but its benefits are great in eliminating bone pain, especially leg pain and spine.

The sauteed juice consists of the following ingredients: orange + 2 cups of anise + 2 oats of celery + 2 pears + lemon juice + a piece of ginger + a dash of raw turmeric + a little black pepper + half a tablespoon of coconut oil

All ingredients are mixed in the blender, not in the juice extractor, to ensure that all the fibers in the ingredients are used and mixed well after adding a little water. Juicy juice is ready to use and can be kept in a well-closed glass vase for 3 to 5 days.

Pineapple is rich in bromine, a compound characterized by its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties associated with arthritis.

* Orange .. Studies have found that eating sufficient amounts of vitamin “C” helps prevent inflammation of the joints and maintain the health of joints.

* Celery .. It is rich in vitamin “K”, and the lack of this vitamin to the weakness of bone and cartilage, and thus lead to pain in the exercise of any effort.

Pear is rich in vitamin C, so it reduces the possibility of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis.

* Lemon .. Contains vitamins “C” and “E”, which are also a powerful antioxidant and effective for the health of bones, as they protect the cells from free radicals, and they maintain the level of collagen.

Ginger contains an effective compound called gingerol, which is able to fight fatty compounds that may stimulate bone pain, prevent arthritis and prevent its damage.

* Turmeric .. Many studies have found that turmeric contains substances that relieve pain, especially in the area knees.

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