Five tips to keep your beauty in pregnancy

Your beauty in pregnancy is one of the things that concern every pregnant woman because they feel that pregnancy will deprive them of their own luster and beauty forever. The site of your health today presents you with five tips to keep your beauty in pregnancy :

Control your weight

The pregnant woman should monitor her food and make sure that the food adds to its health and not to its weight. So make sure that you do not eat too much or consume too many high calorie foods because the excess weight gained during pregnancy will be difficult to get rid of after birth. It is not impossible, so save yourself a few extra pounds by consulting a nutritionist who will give you a diet that will meet your child’s needs and needs without having to worry about gaining weight.

Skin care

One of the benefits of pregnancy is that the mother always monitors her diet and makes sure to eat healthy and useful foods to meet the needs of her fetus to grow up healthy and healthy children. Although mother feels restricted in eating foods, healthy foods also help her to be healthy, So during pregnancy you should talk to your doctor about your diet during pregnancy and how you want to keep your fetus healthy and get and improve your skin condition. Acne is a problem that all women suffer from, particularly during pregnancy, so during pregnancy you can eat lots of fruits, vegetables, juices and fresh herbal tea to get a perfect glowing complexion.

Permitted sport

During the first three months, pregnant women prefer to stay away from any physical exertion at all, but after them pregnant women must exercise to improve their physical fitness and gain strength to cope with the effort in childbirth. Also doctors ask pregnant pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy to facilitate delivery and Correct the position of the fetus so start with the following exercises Lamaze and exercises for pregnant women with follow-up to your doctor and consult him Exercise during pregnancy will also maintain your beauty and flexibility and adds the strength you need to take care of your child.

Choose your clothes

Pregnancy definitely means that pregnant women leave the trendy clothes that they used to wear, especially their favorite dresses, but you do not have to show during the pregnancy very ugly, on the contrary, there are now clothes for pregnant women very magnificence and appearance and you are pregnant very much for everyone so enjoy the pregnancy period and wore The dresses are suitable for you and choose the latest models especially the bold bold colors and the time of the gentlemen with the wonderful accessories to show the glamor.

Trust yourself

Your confidence in pregnancy is one of the basics to maintain a healthy and healthy pregnancy and make you proud of yourself, but being happy, you are a special woman

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