Five steps to teach your child the alphabet

If you want to teach your child anything, the best way to do it is to learn through a fun and enjoyable activity. This rule applies to your child’s first letter of the alphabet. You can start teaching your child at a young age by following the following instructional instructions:

Spelling songs

We all know spelling songs so it is time to pass on to your child this experience that has become a habit. Sing the song several times, then point to the letter as you sing the song, and after many times singing the song try to urge your child to refer to the characters you sing and the next time Ijalih refers to the characters while you sing them together

Things used in everyday life

Always refer to the first letter of words or shapes you see every day in your daily life around you, like the milk pack, the cereal box, the shirt you wear. 
After a period of time and frequency it will usually be and you will see him pointing to the first letters of things around him and begins to recognize them.

Select the character

Choose a character daily to be a “character of the day” and while you are with your child in the mall or in the car, point to the letter when it appears in any words written on street signs, shop names or anything else. This activity will make your child become aware of the surrounding things and become proud of the new skill he has acquired.

Coloring Books

Coloring is the favorite activity for many children so buy coloring books or print some pages of them to include large size letters and while your child is coloring those letters make him repeat them.

The child’s name

Speak your child’s name several times and loudly. To make the spelling of your name easier for your child, you can write a small song that spells out the name by singing it with the child’s participation, and after the child memorizes the spelling method, prepare a paper that follows the name of your child and make your child follow Those characters so that he can write his own name without help

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