Five reasons are considered the main determinant of the desire of women

Many women complain that they do not feel the desire to have intimate relationships with their husbands at the age of 30 to 40, and that the desire of women is different from the desire of men; so their intimate relationship is not simple.

There are five reasons that are considered the main determinants of intimacy between spouses 

The first is the mistaken belief that the hormones in the pill increase desire, and in fact contribute to the reduction of desire, but the effect is not equal to all women, may be the reason for the increase of desire in other women.

The second reason is that some antidepressants, which do not help to improve the woman’s desire, are among the side effects. Depression drugs reduce the desire by 58% of the cases. However, other types of antidepressants have overcome this problem and increase the desire of women.

The third reason is that the desire of a woman increases when she is happy in her married life. When she feels stability and tranquility, these feelings translate into a strong desire, especially when the desire of the woman begins in her head.

The fourth reason is the psychological state of the woman. If the woman’s anxiety and tension increase, her mental state reduces her desire significantly, unlike the man who practices the marital relationship to empty his negative energy, although if the woman exercised the marital relationship, it will reduce her tension and lift Of the hormone happiness.

Fifth reason : One of the most important reasons controlling the desire is the pain of women during the exercise of marital relationship; because the pain of pain does not accept the exercise again, because of the low rate of “estrogen” which causes dryness in the wall of the vagina.

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