Five easy ideas to lose weight without dieting

Many girls dream of having a graceful texture that is beautiful and attractive, but many fear exercise so their bodies do not look like weightlifting players.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve your ambition to get a strong body .

It is known that body fat accumulates in the human body over time and in the absence of physical activity becomes difficult to get rid of these fats after accumulation.

The question that arises is what can be done to prevent fat accumulation? The answer to this question is summarized in the following points:

1 – Eat small meals during the day :

Eating many small meals during the day is considered one of the most effective methods. The interval between each meal and the other two to a half to three hours because this in turn gives a lot of benefits that help to strengthen the metabolism. These include improved appetite control, better storage of glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue, storage of nutrients that meet the body’s need during the day, as well as improved bowel movement. Eating a lot of small meals during the day requires you to eat whether you are hungry or not, unlike the known rule of eating when you feel hungry. The reason for this is that hunger signals mean there is a lack of nutrients and you should not wait until you feel hungry.Five easy weight loss ideas

2 – Drink water :

One of the great benefits of drinking enough water a day can not be denied.

The most important benefits of drinking water include:

– Water helps to lose appetite: People who drink water in relatively large quantities do not feel hungry, which is called anorexia, which has a significant role in the elimination of excess weight.

– Water helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood: The water has a radical effect on cholesterol, which works to reduce the body, which helps to lose weight faster.

– Water has a major role in the process of digestion proper: as the process of digestion requires certain amounts of water and lack of that amount may lead to problems in digestion and trouble for the body.

– Water works to rid the liver of fat: because it is an essential element in the elimination of fat, which has a key role in weight loss

– Drink plenty of water prevents the accumulation of water in the body: A person who does not take a large amount of water, his body to take advantage of part of this amount and retain the rest, but eating enough to make the body does not retain water inside the body leading to a significant shortage of weight.

3. eat sufficient amounts of protein per day :

Protein is very important when it comes to weight loss without diet, experts say that burning protein needs to burn calories higher than the calories needed to burn fat, so keep the presence of protein in your three meals constantly, for example on a boiled egg – lunch quarter grilled chicken – dinner Steak, and so continued daily with the diversification of protein types.

To calculate the amount of protein to be consumed per day, determine the appropriate weight of your body and weight loss in 0.8 grams. For example, if for example the weight of 170 pounds, the appropriate amount of protein is 136 grams throughout the day.

4. Increase activity :

Increased activity helps you . It is very important to increase your motor activity, either by exercising regularly or even without exercising. For example, you can walk in the house during the ad breaks for your favorite animal – do not receive the mobile call and you are sitting but moving – use the ladder instead of the elevator – go to the market yourself to buy your needs. In short, I’m always on the move when you have the chance.

5. Improve the quality of food

It is very important to reduce the intake of fatty foods, fried and ready as well as reduce the use of salt in food and replace it with lemon and stop drinking soft drinks.

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