Fish allergy symptoms

Fish allergies and fish allergies are very dangerous. Fish intake should be avoided, especially for children who are allergic to fish. Fish allergies can occur at any age, but can occur suddenly, even though the person has already eaten fish. The fish should be taken with epinephrine.

It is the reaction of the immune system in the human body to substances that do not harm the habit and do not cause most people allergic to food, pollen, dust. But for those who suffer, they cause a health problem is an inappropriate reaction when eating allergens Or exposure to allergens.Food

Food allergies occur when the human body’s immune system mistakenly produces an antibody (egI) to fight a particular type of food when it is eaten or sometimes as soon as the skin is exposed to food or smelling it, some people notice the food that causes them allergies, Allergies by injecting the substance which is thought to cause allergies in the skin of the patient and then take the results and determine the degree of sensitivity.

When the sensitivity test is performed, the sensitivity level is determined. It is possible for the person to accept some types of the substance that is sensitive to them or small amounts without the appearance of allergy symptoms.Fish allergy symptoms

Rash and itching.

Wheezing, difficulty in breathing, or nasal congestion.



Redness of the skin.

Tingling and itching in the mouth.

Swelling in the face, lips, throat or other parts of the body.

Severe pain in the abdomen and intestines.

In severe allergic reactions, dizziness or fainting may occur.

I will separate the types of food allergy (each type of sensitivity will be mentioned in a separate article for non-prolongation) and how to avoid it in case you are infected with one of them and some important alternatives in some types of allergies.Fish allergy symptoms

When a person eats the fish, the body’s immune system activates and attacks the fish protein and considers it a foreign body, thus showing symptoms of allergies.

There are types of sensitivity tests that determine the type of fish that senses sensitivity, and allergies cause secretion of histamine, which causes several symptoms such as: 
– Recommended 
– breathing problems. 
– Cough. 
– tight throat. 
– Pain in . 
– diarrhea 
– swelling in the eyes. 
– Red spots. 
– Low   . 
– An allergic reaction to life-threatening or so-called anaphylaxis or anaphylaxis.

Eating fish can cause a kind of hypersensitivity, and it starts with a few simple symptoms but worsens with symptoms and breathing problems.

It may be a life threatening situation for a person or child. These symptoms may start with swelling in the mouth and throat. The person should take the epinephrine injection immediately and the child should remain under observation until his condition improves.

Parents should also tell the child’s school about allergy symptoms, and that epinephrine injections should be available all the time with anti-histamine treatment.Fish allergy symptoms

To prevent fish allergies, the child should avoid eating fish and other fish products, so read the instructions carefully for any product before eating.

Fish products may be found in unexpected ingredients, indirectly such as in sauces and flavors. Food manufacturers should take note of all the data on these products, especially those that cause allergies such as fish.

– Reciprocal contamination, 
which usually occurs in restaurants when indirect consumption of fish occurs, because the same tools and equipment used in the preparation of food has been used in the preparation of fish and therefore prefer to avoid going to seafood fish restaurants even if you eat fish-free and preferably avoid restaurants Isopathy that introduces fish in many of its recipes.

 Precautions to eat outside 
– When dining in a restaurant or at a friend, be sure to make sure the ingredients are well before eating. 
– Stay away from the stove when cooking fish because even the smell of fish may raise a feeling in your body. 
– You should tell the chef at the restaurant that you or your child may be allergic to fish. 
– Put a hand around your child’s hand to indicate the type of allergies your child is experiencing and how to help him. 
– Do not eat at a restaurant questioning the safety of the food that your child provides.

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