First steps to care for damaged hair

The damaged hair of the problems that bother many women and girls, so it is necessary to find quick and effective solutions to avoid the aggravation of this problem, which may lead to hair loss significantly and noticeable, as well as that hair is usually damaged, which appears in most of the hair styling which gives a bad impression I have his companion.

Based on this principle, hair care experts offer many possible and effective solutions that will restore hair to its natural condition and protect it from bombardment and damage. Here is a set of the best hair care tips that you prefer to follow:

Hair Mask (Catcher) is one of the best ways to take care of damaged and special hair when a mask is used from natural nutrients such as avocado.

You can try a ripe avocado with egg yolk and a small spoon of olive oil. Mix the mixture well and then add the currants with a 30 – minute cookie. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and moisturizer.

2 – active moisturizers rich with butter Shea:

One of the best ways to treat hair and protect it from bombardment and exhaustion is to use effective hair moisturizers and there is no better than hair moisturizers that contain the butter shea. Hair care experts have confirmed that shea butter is one of the best moisturizers and most effective in treating hair problems from hair loss to hair loss.

3 – get rid of the crust in a safe and natural:

It is often associated with the crust of many hair problems that will spoil the overall appearance of the hair so you can try homemade recipes to treat natural.

The best of these recipes is the use of nettle available in the market, just nationalize in a quarter of a glass of water and leave it to cool before you put on the scalp of your head, and prefer to buy powder instead of the plant itself.

Or mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water, then rinse your hair after washing it with shampoo twice a week, and you’ll notice the difference quickly.

4 – get rid of the ends of the hair:

Hair straightening is a problem that can only be solved by cutting hair, as hair and other products will not provide effective solutions for hair, no matter how good it is, so hair care professionals are advised to cut the limbs gradually, using moisturizers to protect against exposure again.

Also consider that if you are light-hair minimizing the use of chemical products and on top of hair dyes that help to exacerbate the problem of hair loss in many.

5- Treatment of side effects of pigment:

Dye is one of the most dangerous chemical products on hair, especially those that strip hair of its color, so if you are keen to dye their hair constantly, you must take care of your hair very high, using effective hair moisturizers, especially those devoted to dyed hair.

And takes into account the dimensions between periods of hair dye in order to avoid double hair multiplication may increase the proportion of falling.

Some of the causes of other hair damage are that at some times women and girls follow some bad habits in dealing with their hair, most notably wrapping hair around the fingers, even though it is usually a nervous movement is not voluntary, but it causes the break of hair.

As well as sleep on the pillows rough may increase the tangle of hair, so choose to pick up soft pillows texture and do not mind the experience of thin silk pillows.

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