First pregnancy signs before the session

What are the signs of pregnancy before the course .. Which are the most important symptoms that show or symptoms of early pregnancy, which indicate pregnancy?

The symptoms of the first pregnancy vary from one woman to another and may show some or some of these signs especially during the first conception of pregnancy. The most important signs of pregnancy are:

– Increase the birth rate, especially during the first week of pregnancy for some exotic foods on women

– Increase the sense of smell of some foods

– Frequent number of urination and gold bath due to hormonal changes

– Feeling of pain in the breast especially the areas of the nipples

– Increase body temperature.

– Lower abdominal cramps similar to those that appear before the session and indicate the formation of the uterus for pregnancy

– Drops of red blood drops before the session as a result of implantation of fertilized egg in the wall of the cervix

– You may feel a desire for nausea and vomiting, when you smell a certain smells.

– Feeling a little swelling in the abdomen and contractions during early pregnancy in the pelvic area.

– – Feeling very tired and tired

– Feeling low back pain

– Feeling of headaches due to hormonal changes

– Do not come to the menstrual cycle on time due to pregnancy and is one of the first signs of pregnancy

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