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There are many women who suffer from obesity or overweight and want to have a perfect body and healthy, and once thought about this goal and planning and work to achieve the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is how to get the best results in the shortest possible time and less Effort. However, we all know that no matter how much diet and smart regimens we experience, this will not bring us anything if we are not accompanied by regular exercise. So, in this article, my lady suggests a range of sports that you can exercise to burn calories in your body more quickly and therefore with your own diet you will notice progress in getting rid of excess weight and faster.


Running sports contribute to the improvement of physical fitness, as it strengthens the muscles in the body, especially the heart muscle, and works to melt fat accumulated in the abdomen. The practice of this sport works to burn about 850 calories per average for each continuous running hour.

Climbing stairs

Many people may not consider this to be a sport, but if we know that the rise of the stairs burns between 650 and 900 calories per hour, we will definitely reconsider the choice between elevator and escalator, as well as activities that do not need to go anywhere or special equipment to practice.

Jumping rope

It’s as easy to practice as it can be done anywhere it is also less expensive. It also has many health benefits. It strengthens the muscles of the leg, back and heart. It also helps to eliminate excess fat, increases stamina, improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs, and gives the body a perfect integrity. The practice of this sport works to burn between 680 and 815 calories within an hour. Make sure to choose a rope suitable for your size and avoid jumping barefoot or socks.

Martial arts

Self-defense sports range from karate, judo, taekwondo or any other kind of martial arts that use a variety of fast movements that can strengthen the muscles and softness of the body. It was able to burn between 700 and 1100 calories per hour.

riding the bicycle

The sport of riding the bike increases the capacity of the respiratory system and the heart and exercise muscles and joints of the leg, in addition to the muscles of the abdomen. The practice of this sport works to burn between 570 to 850 calories per hour per hour. You can take a bike ride either in the open air or in the sports clubs.


Swimming is the perfect soft sport for all as a comprehensive sport that exercises various muscles of the body, especially the muscles of the back, abdomen, legs and arms. The pressure of the water increases the effort and makes the muscles work better, because the swimmer feels light weight in the pool. The practice of this sport burns between 545 to 680 calories per hour.

There are many other sports that also help in burning calories very quickly such as: aerobics, bodybuilding, skiing, paddling, mountaineering, basketball, football, racquetball and dancing. This is a list of suggestions and you do not have to choose what suits you only. Take regular exercise with a balanced diet, consult your doctor and trainer at any question to avoid excessive stress or serious injuries. Taking into consideration patients with heart, joints and other diseases, they must consult with the doctor before practicing any sport activity.

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