Find out about the best teeth whitening mixtures in your home

Many girls are looking for natural teeth whitening mixtures at home, especially with the costs of a dentist or lack of time to go to a doctor. In the next article of your health today, learn about the most important mixtures and proven natural recipes to whiten teeth naturally and keep them from darkening.

Lemon juice to whiten the teeth

Add a few drops of lemon juice on a piece of cotton and wipe the teeth or rub half a lemon on the teeth and gargle with lukewarm water helps to whiten the teeth at home quickly and effectively

Herbal Teeth Whitening

The herbal mixture of thyme, sage, mint and cloves and their placement on the toothbrush helps to get rid of the odors of the mouth, refreshing and removing the yellow spots on the teeth and killing the bacteria that cause oral problems between the teeth

Carrots for teeth whitening

The use of fresh human hair or daily ingestion helps prevent yellowing of teeth, strengthening gums and removing plaque from teeth easily

Apple cider vinegar

A few drops of apple cider vinegar on a glass of water and a daily rinse helps teeth whiten like ice. The method is used daily to get an effective whitening effect.


Rub the teeth with charcoal powder with toothpaste because the carbon material in the charcoal works to remove plaque, prevent plaque and tooth decay

Honey natural

Use natural honey on the teeth after the paste for 5 minutes and then wash with water is one of the fastest ways to whiten teeth at home

Olive oil for teeth whitening

Dip the toothbrush in a little olive oil and then brush the teeth and rinse with lukewarm water


It is a year from our holy Prophet (r). Scientific and medical researches have proven the great benefits of siwaak as a natural disinfectant for mouth and teeth.

the strawberry

Using strawberries on the toothbrush has many benefits to whiten teeth, prevent yellowing of teeth, and remove blackheads

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