Final treatment for cancer

Researchers, supervised by an Israeli company, said they would find effective treatment for cancer in just one year, but the announcement still raises doubts.

According to the Jerusalem Post, researchers supervised by the CEO of AEBI, Ilan Mourad, confirm that they have taken several steps in their project.

The researchers called the treatment the name “Mo Tatu”, and this method of medical development of a toxin that kills cancer cells only, without infecting healthy cells.

The medical project adds that patients who undergo this “revolutionary” treatment in just a few weeks will not have to take the drug for long periods of time.

The new therapeutic approach to cancer focuses on the compatibility of peptides (a series of acids that attack cancer) and the toxic substance that destroys cancer cells.

Dan Arredor, chairman of the company, said the treatment would have no side effects other than what is currently being done in cancer treatment and would be available at a lower cost compared to existing treatments.

The team conducted its first experiments on a sample of test mice, saying the results were very promising, but the company needed to do more clinical tests in a few years.

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