Fat damage to the body

It is important to gain fat as much as possible to maintain the body’s energy and ability to perform vital and daily functions with all energy and strength, whereas when the fat gained exceeds the limit, the person is exposed to health risks that may lead to his life. Of which.

Symptoms of fat on

Fat is divided into two types of fat, saturated fat is the most dangerous type of fat, which negatively affects the health of the person, and difficult to get rid of, and difficult to the body to discharge and burn, and cause many serious problems and complications if ignored.

Unsaturated fat is one of the most important sources of energy useful to the body, which supplies the body with the needs of fatty acids, which turn into proteins that benefit the body more effectively, and is in the case of liquid; to facilitate the body absorption, unlike saturated fat, which Are present in their solid state, making it difficult for the body to burn and benefit from it.Damage to fat on the liver

The accumulation of saturated fat in the body causes many health problems that result in serious complications such as heart attacks, strokes and many other problems that we will discuss together as follows:

Triglycerides or saturated fat can increase the body’s harmful rate , causing narrowing and stiffening of the arteries, causing clots due to blood clots in the arteries and failure to pass easily.

When the blood cholesterol level rises, there are real problems with the possibility of blood flow throughout the body. This causes the person to develop various heart diseases such as narrowing of the arteries and weakness of the heart muscle, which in turn causes heart attacks.

The accumulation of fat in the body increases , causing many health complications if the person can not contain the crisis and get rid of excess fat.Damage to saturated fats

It is always associated with erectile dysfunction, where the accumulated fat negatively affects the rate of sperm production, thus deforming it, and it reduces the body’s production of testosterone.

The most important damage to fat on the body impact on the process of breathing in general, causing respiratory distress and various lung diseases, and complications of angina pectoris.

High body fat levels cause free radicals, leading to cancer, where immunity is less and the body can get rid of free radicals effectively.

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