Facts you should know about your body after childbirth

After giving birth to a woman, the shape of her body changes and she works in all ways to restore him to his previous commitment to a diet and exercise physical and motor activities and do not know many facts about her body after birth, which may be frustrating because of the violation of expectations.

Therefore, we present these facts to you so that you can accept yourself as you become and do what you can to be ideal:

Original shape:

The original shape of the body is difficult to return again after you have pregnant and especially if you gave birth to more than one child the nature of each body is different from the other and may be the nature of your body is not suitable to return to the former again and therefore do what you have to do to follow the system Proper diet and exercise so be in the best form possible.

Diet :

Many women make mistakes in following severe fevers in the hope that their bodies will return to what they were before pregnancy. This is a danger to you and will not lead to the desired results. Your body needs all nutrients from vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers. The diet is balanced and at the right times and contains healthy foods and fast meals that you eat between the main meals.

Regulation of food during pregnancy:

You should consult with your doctor in order to organize your diet properly. If you neglect this and gain a lot of weight during your pregnancy, it will be very difficult to regain your weight as before and lose the excess weight you have gained.

Do not rush:

A lot of women after their children are rushing to lose themselves the weights they have gained, so start with simple exercises and gradually increase them.

Satisfaction with the form:

If you can not restore your body to what it was before birth, you should not make it frustrate and torture you, but rejoice yourself and accept your body in its new form and proud of it because it gave you the child you dream of throughout your life.

Comforts :

You should be concerned that you have adequate rest after giving birth. Your body will be tired and tired after that and you will not be able to perform physical and motor activities as you would after a period of time.

Breastfeeding :

Be sure to breastfeed your baby naturally because breastfeeding is useful for him and also contributes to your weight loss and protects you from many diseases, health problems and exercise will stimulate the metabolism of your body to the fullest.


You have to be patient when you lose weight. This varies from woman to woman. Some women may lose weight quickly and others may need more time.

And know that the size of the abdomen after birth is normal, the abdomen will not decrease after the child graduated from within immediately, it will remain intact for a period to regain its natural shape or smaller size, follow the doctor’s instructions carefully until you pray for Mptagak.

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