Experienced recipes to get rid of rumen

The fat around the abdomen is considered to be one of the most dangerous health risks for women and men. Scientists believe that the appearance of rumen and fat in the abdominal area impedes the movement of the lungs and causes breathing problems, and to get a tight belly without spraying you four natural recipes to prevent the appearance of the rumen to encourage you

4 recipes to get rid of the rumen

The first recipe for disposal of rumen

  • A teaspoon of sage
  • A teaspoon of chamomile
  • A teaspoon of rosemary

Put the ingredients in a small jug of water and leave it on the fire to boil well.

Drink three cups a day (one on the morning, one in the afternoon and one before bed).

Second recipe for rumen disposal

  • Spoon of rosemary (Rose Mary)
  • Spoon of chamomile
  • Spoon of thyme

Mix all the ingredients together, then put one large spoonful of the mixture with a large glass of water on the fire and let them get a little boiled, you can add a little sugar.

Third recipe for disposal of rumen

Mix a little dried and ground pomegranate peel with a quantity of honey until it becomes a paste, and then form the dough in the form of medicine pills, put them in a freezer.

It is used on the stomach during the last three days of the menstrual cycle, as used during the last 20 days of puerperal, which is very useful for the stomach and cleaning the uterus.

Fourth recipe for disposal of rumen

  • 1 teaspoon green
  • Spoon ginger
  • Mint moisturizing
  • A little pomegranate peel

Boil with a quantity of water and drink a cup after eating three times a day.

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