Excessive eating of eggs is associated with heart disease

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Eating more than four eggs a week threatens heart health and is linked to premature death, a new study has found. There is too much cholesterol in one egg, and increasing cholesterol is a key factor behind clogged arteries and strokes.Cholesterol, which is frequently found in egg yolks, is a problem, and little or limited consumption of eggs reduces the risk of heart disease

The study at the University of Northwestern Bishkago is characterized by its breadth and diversity. It relied on health and nutrition data for more than 29,000 people, 45 percent of whom were men, 31 percent were black, and the follow-up period was 17 years.

The US dietary recommendations allow 300 mg of cholesterol per day for healthy people, which is less than the cholesterol in two eggs.

The results of the new study said that cholesterol, which is found in a large number of egg yolk is the problem, and consuming a large amount of it is a threat to heart health. The results found that low or limited consumption of eggs reduces the risk of heart disease.

The research team criticized previous studies that found no link between eating eggs and heart disease because they did not rely on a variety of the sample and shorten the follow-up period.

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