Essential vitamins in pregnancy

Many women feel the need to eat more food to feed the fetus while taking many vitamins during pregnancy. What are the essential vitamins during pregnancy?

We offer you through the site of your health today the most important vitamins during pregnancy , which should be careful to address:

– protein:
Amino acid in the protein works on the body of the fetus, so we recommend pregnant women to eat meat, milk, yogurt, cheese.

helps iron build hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood and transfers it to the fetus, and helps the embryo itself to build its blood circulation, so we advise the woman during the pregnancy that contains the food on the dried fruit and red meat and green-green vegetables.

– Calcium: Calcium
helps the mother during pregnancy to build strong bones and teeth, so we advise women during pregnancy that the food contains foods rich in calcium, such as soy milk, orange juice and sardine.

– Carbohydrates:
“Carbo” complex gives strength and prevents constipation, so we advise the woman during pregnancy that contains food on breakfast cereals and pasta, rice and potatoes.

 Zinc: Zinc
enhances the child’s growth and protects him from premature birth. During pregnancy, women are advised to eat cooked seafood, dried beans and peas.

6. Vitamin C:
Vitamin C helps build bones and teeth. During pregnancy, women are advised to eat broccoli, strawberries and green peppers.

– vitamin D:
Vitamin D helps to build the tissues of the child, so advised the mother during pregnancy to eat sardines, salmon and eggs cooked well.

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