Enjoy a healthy skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of a mother’s life, but pregnant women should take care of their skin to avoid a range of problems during pregnancy, such as freckles, brown spots, and other skin problems.

So Madam, we will give you some of these problems that affect your skin during pregnancy and prevention methods and treatment

7 Problems with your skin during pregnancy and how to treat it:

The problem of costs

Is a change in the color of the skin, which becomes dark. It appears between the third and sixth months, and may include the whole face, neck and part of the chest, and is more visible on the skin, which is brown because of the secretion of hormones pregnancy of pigments in the skin and usually go away with menstruation.

the ingredients

5 tablespoons of ground lupine

Half a cup of diluted water

Two tablespoons of honey

The way

Mix the ingredients with each other and then wash your face or area where the cost is shown.

Keep away from sun exposure for a long time and use some sunscreen.

Black pimples

 Black pimples appear due to the secretion of fat to the owners of oily skin. To treat these pimples, clean your skin regularly with a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer free of oils.

the ingredients

Spoon of grated ground grain

A spoonful of rough thanks

Spoon of honey

Two tablespoons of olive oil

The way

Mix the ingredients well together, then rub them on the blister-filled areas, gently massage them with circular movements counterclockwise, then wash them with lukewarm water and put some moisturizer on them.

This recipe helps you get rid of pimples and reduce their appearance with repetition twice a week.

– The skin of pregnant women

The skin of pregnant women in the early months of pregnancy is observed, as the skin color is not uniform

Recipe for unifying skin color

 the ingredients

 3 tablespoons almond flour

 2 tablespoons chickpea flour

Tablespoon milk

Spoon of honey

 The way

The ingredients are mixed together to obtain an individual paste. The paste is applied to the face, neck or dark spots, then left for 15 minutes, then removed with lukewarm water and then cold.

– varicose legs

They appear in the form of green blood-colored filaments on the surface of your skin and cause intense pain.

the ingredients

Spoon of aromatic cypress oil

A tablespoon of lemon essential oil

A cup of olive oil

Spoon of honey

The way  

Mix the ingredients with each other and then put the foot stem from the bottom up. It can activate the blood veins and relieve varicose pain and reduce the appearance.

Swelling hands and feet

It is an excessive swelling that occurs in the hands and feet and this swelling may cause pain in the feet, and occurs as a result of water retention in the tissues, and to prevent them should reduce the salinity of food and drink plenty of water.

the ingredients

Spoon of golden rice flowers

Spoon of leaves and buds of brow

Spoon of red rose petals

Spoon of bake

Spoon of linden flowers

A large glass of boiled water

The way

Put the ingredients in a liter of boiling water and then leave it for half an hour and then put it on the place of swelling and swelling, it relieves swelling and accelerate the healing of the feet and hands.

– Stretch marks

Appear in the abdomen, chest, arms and buttocks and occur as a result of increased body weight and inability to expand skin.

 To prevent this from happening, care must be taken to moisturize the body by drinking more water and taking vitamin E.

 the ingredients

Seeds of ring spoon

Half cup of water

Two tablespoons of nisrin flowers

Spoon of water and rose center

Spoon of sweet almond oil

The way  

 Mix ingredients and then put on the skin and then massage the skin with sweet almond oil.

– Acne and pimples

Acne appears in some pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy.

 the ingredients

Tablespoon yeast

Spoon milk

Great choice

Spoon of honey

Spoon of water and rose

The way

 All ingredients are mixed with each other and then placed on the area where the grains are for half an hour and are removed with lukewarm and cold water, and it is recommended to use this recipe twice a week.

We have given you some of these problems that affect your skin during pregnancy and the ways of prevention and treatment, and it remains to decide you to choose the best for you.

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