Endomary damage for girls

Or one of the famous brand names, which is one of the most popular foods nowadays, among the young and adolescent generation, is an easy-to-prepare and fast-food meal that only takes about 4 minutes to cook. It makes it perfect for many people. It gives a feeling of fullness for long hours, and it has different flavors to suit many tastes, which has contributed greatly to the spread and circulation of quantities in the market, but is it rich in the important nutrients of the body, or lead To health problems we are indispensable, this What we offer you through the following lines.

Learn about Endomi or Noodles

Is a kind of food in a picture very similar to the type of noodles or noodles, the package contains a number of noodles, and inside the small bags containing different flavors and variety, which is a fast-food, which takes only 3 to 4 minutes, We are from the state of Indonesia, which is the first source of these foods, and there are many names in the markets for the same product, but a brand name appeared in the Arab markets, is the name of Indomie so it is the name most circulated among all.

Endomary damage for girls

  • It is known that the nature of the bodies of girls and girls are more sensitive to some types of spices and flavors, as well as oils, so it is natural that these noodles affect the bodies of girls more negatively than young, especially in the period of menstruation, where the body at the time of weakness and weakness of resistance , For any of the causes .
  • There is a lot of caution about eating noodles for girls, because it is very widespread among girls. It is one of the saturated meals, which can easily be prepared without any cooking skills, making it the easiest and fastest meal to prepare, At all, its price is very cheap compared to many other cuisines.

Many fears of the endemic effect

  • After an endometrial examination by scientists, researchers and doctors, it was found to contain Chinese salt, which doctors stress is one of the most important causes, leading to cancer.
  • The results of the test for Noodles also show us that it is rich in large amounts of fat, industrial substances and food additives, all of which we know have negative effects on the entire digestive system.

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