Eliminate the problem of infections maintained in children

All of us know that children’s health problems are many, but the most prominent is dermatitis in the area of ​​preservation. This inflammation makes the child always cry for the severity of the pain that he feels. Therefore, this worries the parents, especially that maintenance inflammation often has no clear reasons for parents to understand what And in this article we will give you some reasons that will enable you to understand whether the child is infected with the infection or not, and these reasons:

– The causes of infections maintained in children:

Do not change the preservation of the child continuously and this causes him moisture in the preservation area.

Frequent urination and hypothermia.

Excessive hygiene with soap may be one of the reasons for irritating the baby’s skin in the preservation area.

The use of antibiotics on the skin of the child, especially those containing (Neomycin).

Infections caused by bacteria and fungi.

Prevention of Infection:

The use of aromatic moisturizers is one of the main causes of skin irritation of the child from the bottom, so it should not be used at all.

Do not place talcum around the sensitive area centrally because it often irritates the area. It is sufficient to place it on the palm of the hands and then wipe it to maintain.

Remember to keep the talc powder out of the reach of the child, because inhaling may cause the baby to choke.

The child must always be dry in the maintenance area, so change the diaper every time urination or defecation occurs.

The skin should not be overestimated to dry it when changing maintenance, but simply wipe the skin with a soft towel.

The use of ointments and medical creams and put them simply on the skin of the child as a cream (Vaseline), which acts as a layer that protects the skin from moisture.

Keep away from using the hair dryer to dry the baby’s skin, as it can cause burns and raise the temperature of the area.

Excessive cleanliness may be harmful to the child’s skin. Rubbing soap on the baby’s skin during each replacement may cause damage to the outer layer of the skin, especially if the area suffers from moisture.

Methods of treatment for the elimination of infection in children:

In the event of inflammation of the maintenance there are home remedies that parents can follow to get rid of these infections that disturb the child, including:

It is advised that the diapers should be used in a large way for a child, and the rubber cord can be removed to keep it soft on the baby’s skin.

The use of cream (zinc oxide paste), which distinguishes this cream that it lasts longer on the skin and thus protects the skin layer from moisture caused by urine and protruding.

Make sure the skin is clean before applying creams or ointments over your baby’s skin.

Cleanse the skin from the urine and faeces by using the spilled water and let the baby skin lightly when you clean it. To make it easy, you should recommend using a tub filled with water.

If all of the above methods do not work, parents should go to the doctor at the doctor because the cause may be fungi and bacteria that cause inflammation.

You should remember that do not leave the child alone while changing the maintenance, especially if he is on a bed or any place with a high surface, because the child, no matter how small, does not prevent him from moving. May turn and fall is not God’s will.

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