Eliminate mood swings easily

The feeling of mental disorders and mood swings before the onset of the menstrual cycle is a problem suffered by a large percentage of women. The researchers confirmed that the number of these women is increasing without knowing the causes of the disorders they suffer from, most notably.

Feeling anxious

Feeling sad for some time before the date of the session without reason

Depression and associated mood swings

Fast and sudden anger

The resort to eating large amounts of food is unusual

Change in mental state from sadness to joy and vice versa

These changes are often associated with changes in physical condition such as abdominal pain, backache, headache, chest swelling, muscle weakness, weight gain, and all of these psychological symptoms adversely affect women’s health and day-to-day system during the week before the cycle and during the menstrual cycle.

Food plays an important role in relieving those symptoms and mood swings before the menstrual cycle. You should not eat too much fruits, fresh vegetables and fish that contain Omega oils, which have been shown to reduce many of these symptoms. Also, eating a few nuts a day and avoiding excessive weight does not cause weight gain. .

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