Eliminate acidity completely

Many people around the world are trying to find out how to get rid of acidity completely, especially as it affects people of both sexes pain and discomfort and discomfort especially after eating any meal, and there are no direct or explicit reasons can cause acidity, but there are several factors can be Resulting in acidity.

After eating, the journey begins to reach the stomach until the digestion process begins. Usually, the stomach produces many elements and acids naturally to facilitate the digestion of food inside the stomach. These substances, called Pepsinogen, turn into a substance called Pepsin, Which is produced by the stomach “hydrochloric acid” and is responsible for the process of digestion of proteins that reach the stomach, but in the case of dysfunction and weakness of the sphincter, this causes the acidity after the hydrochloric acid rush out of the stomach to the esophagus and the problem begins.

  • Overuse of alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking is excessive and overpriced.
  • The use of anti-inflammatory drugs for a long time.
  • Age progress.
  • Obesity and excessive weight.
  • Eat warm, or fried foods that add a large amount of spices and spices.
  • Dependence on canned or ready-made food sold on the market, which relies on a large amount of citrus to keep it as long as possible.
  • Cough and cough associated with respiratory disorders.
  • The number of vomiting during the day, and the feeling of nausea for long hours.
  • The feeling of burning in the stomach, intestines and throat down to the mouth.
  • Stomach bulges, upper abdomen.
  • The formation of ulcers in the wall of the stomach, resulting in pains and pains in the stomach.
  • The esophagus can be affected by pain in the ears.
  • Permanent dryness of the mouth due to acidity and burning in the esophagus.

There are two ways to get rid of the acidity and it is divided into:

The medicine, whether in the form of tablets or syrup, contains alkaline substances that interact with hydrochloric acids, preferably under the supervision of a specialist doctor so that the person is not exposed to serious side effects.

There are some substances and natural foods that help to calm the feeling of acidity annoying and uncomfortable for some, which is inexpensive, but if you continue to feel acidity prefer to see a specialist doctor of the digestive system.

  • Bananas: which contain a large amount of potassium and natural fibers, which facilitate digestion and reduce the sense of acidity.
  • : Eating a small piece of ginger in the morning or even in the afternoon and sweetened with white honey can reduce the feeling of acidity because it works to produce more mucus that encapsulates the stomach.
  • Mint: When chewing several leaves of fresh mint and green it is a guarantor to treat acidity and reduce the sense of it.

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