Effects of passive smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits a person can follow. He gradually destroys health, leads to a confirmed infection with many serious and deadly diseases. Moreover, the cigarette pack itself contains the slogan “Beware of smoking leads to death.” Despite all the warnings, If you choose to continue in this way, take responsibility for your actions, but beware that you will be hurt as a result of the effects of passive smoking. Let us know the meaning of this and how to reduce the damage.

Passive smoking is the exhalation of smoke caused by smokers and affects people around them, in which case it is classified as a kind of “indirect smoking”, so passive smoking has the same deadly damage to people, and studies have shown that many children and people who had to smoke Passive people have died as a result, whether you are a smoker or sitting with smokers who are well-guarded, because smoking is a killer.

“Passive” indirect smoking has serious effects on the health of children and pregnant women, but its impact on fetuses within the womb of mothers, the elderly and to you the details.

  • If a pregnant woman is exposed to the effects of secondhand smoke, this may lead to miscarriage, or to an early and consequent child being incomplete, and the life of the mother and fetus will be at risk.
  • Pregnant women are exposed to smoking within months, which affects the fetus’s growth properly.
  • May lead to fetal death.
  • When children are exposed to smoking, this may lead to death, especially in the early months.
  • When a child sees the father or mother smoking they will be stimulated by smoking at a very early age.
  • Passive smoking causes children to suffer from many diseases such as asthma, various infections in the ear and lung, sputum, lack of breath, and cough.
  • Leading to various heart diseases.
  • Stroke.
  • The oxidation rate is significantly reduced in the body of the smoker, or those who are exposed to smoking from the elderly.
  • Cancer.
  • May lead to infertility or infertility in men.

To avoid all problems caused by smoking, follow these steps:

  • Smoking inside the home should be prohibited in any way, and anyone who enters the house is also prevented from smoking.
  • Preventing smoking in narrow or closed places is not good ventilation.
  • Locating places for smokers.
  • Those who smoke in a closed place should be punished.

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