Effects of calcium deficiency

The effects of calcium deficiency Calcium is also a very important and essential component of the body, especially in women, it is able to help the body through the strengthening of bones and teeth and regulate the pace of heartbeat and contributes to the activation of blood circulation.It is a chemical element in the periodic table of elements and is a lightweight alkaline earth metal, used as a dilute agent for thorium and uranium extraction. It is the fifth element in abundance on the earth’s crust. It is a vital mineral for living organisms and for its important role in the functions of living cells.Calcium is one of the salts of minerals. The amount of calcium in the human body ranges between 1 – 1.5 kg, where 98% of this amount is concentrated in the bones and teeth, and calcium is also found in blood, the proportion of blood plasma in 9 – 11 mg / l .Effects of calcium deficiency1. It is an essential element for building bones and teeth by forming calcium phosphate.2. Essential in pacemaker regulation.3. Severe constriction of the muscles of the body.4. Helps avoid muscle spasm.5. Regulation of the transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system.6. Helps to form a blood clot.7. Helps in iron absorption.8. Absorbs in the small intestine with the help of vitamin D and lactose sugar.9. Calcium enters the process of activating many enzymes including Libyz, which analyzes the fat in the intestine to absorb the body.10. plays an important role in keeping arterial pressure normal.11. Contributes to the protein synthesis of DNA and RNA.Effects of calcium deficiency1. Milk and cheese (chard cheese).2 ..3. Meat.4. Leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach,5. Citrus fruits like nuts.6. Almonds and walnuts.7. Sesame.8. molasses.9. Fish: (sardines, salmon).10. Garlic.11. Dried figs.12. Barley.13. Sowing the sunflower.14. Corn bran.Effects of calcium deficiency1. Insomnia2. Neuralism and the speed of emotion.3. The feeling of getting into the arms or legs.4. Sometimes suffering from muscle deficiency.5. Problems in  .6. Arthritis.7. Heart palpitationsThis symptom will result in:1. Rickets: The symptoms of rickets in children of growth age, especially the first and second years, and rickets also appear in adults as a result of vitamin D deficiency or lack of calcium or both.2. Bone Linen: Occurs in adults due to lack of concentration of calcium in the bones.3. Fragility and osteoporosis: Chronic calcium deficiency, a condition that affects older women.4. Tetanus: Decreased calcium ratio from the normal level leads to muscle spasms, which are irregular movements involuntary.Effects of calcium deficiencyTreatment is to take 20 cm of calcium gluconate 10% intravenously every 4 hours until the level of calcium in the blood rises. After this, the patient needs to take calcium in the form of tablets or fumes with the intake of 20,000 units of vitamin D daily until the return of jobs in the late cases. The food should be taken with food.

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