Effective ways to prevent pregnancy problems

Motherhood is a woman’s dream and her hope, but in order to have a child she has to endure many pains in order to do so, and there may be changes in her body that require her to do much to return to normal.

Stretch the skin:

It happens when most women are pregnant and may not appear in some of them and no one knows the real reason behind it, but may be because of the ability of the skin to expand when gaining weight during pregnancy and may occur to other women non-pregnant because of increased body weights.

Stretch forms:

They appear in the form of very red or dimly colored signs at the beginning of their appearance, but their color gradually fades and becomes more relaxed after the baby is born several months until it becomes silver or brown in the form of fine lines.

It is not only the outer layer of the skin that expands, but also extends the substrates, causing the collagen to cause ruptures that make the skin elastic. Therefore, it is not suitable for moisturizers against stretch marks because it affects only the outer layer of the skin and does not extend to the inner layers.

Ways to prevent skin stretch:


Eat healthy foods containing vegetables, fresh fruits, grains, seeds and nuts, and drink plenty of water throughout the day for at least eight cups.

the weight :

Try as much as you can to absorb excess weight in pregnancy slowly and steadily.

Sports :

Exercise in light exercise. It helps you control your weight, including walking.


You can use the humidifier because it makes your skin soft but not completely reliable in the prevention of signs of stretch and better to massage your skin every day with natural oils such as wheat germ oil and almond oil because it contains important vitamins your body needs it and you can massage places Stretch marks or intake of vitamin E under doctor’s supervision.

Leg cramps:

Is another problem that occurs during pregnancy and can be prevented by following these methods:

healthy food :

The cramps may occur in the legs due to the lack of nutrients in the body, including minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Therefore, you must adhere to eating healthy foods containing these elements, the most important of which are leafy vegetables, bananas and almonds and can be prepared salads of several components And taking care to take it daily.

Walking :

You should practice walking continuously, especially in the first three months of pregnancy because this regulates the flow of blood in your legs and therefore walk for ten minutes every hour and do not stop for a long time without movement.

Stability on one position:

One of the most common things that cause a pregnant woman to suffer convulsions of the legs is to stay in one position for a long time, such as kneeling or lying on her bed or stand, so if you sit for example for a long time shake your toes because this improves the circulation of your legs.

You can avoid many pregnancy problems only if you know the right ways to do so. Always seek knowledge.

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