Effective tips to prevent morning sickness in pregnancy

Pregnant women experience many changes during pregnancy, especially in the first months, due to the high rate of hormones in the body. The problem of nausea and vomiting in the morning is one of the most common pregnancy problems. Some women may not have frequent vomiting, which may cause some damage to pregnancy.

My lady gives you some tips and effective treatment steps to prevent vomiting and nausea in pregnancyand from those methods.

Moisturizing lotion

Preserving body moisture, preventing droughts, eating more water and fresh juices, agglutinated, has many benefits in pregnancy, as well as its importance in preventing vomiting and morning sickness.


You have to take enough rest and relaxation to help reduce stress levels. For working pregnant women, it is important to take some time to rest and handle healthy foods during pregnancy, while avoiding fatty and fried foods and spicy foods.

Eating herbs

Peppermint is considered one of the most important herbal remedies to overcome the desire for vomiting and morning sickness. A cup a day before bedtime helps greatly relieve the feeling the following day

Chamomile tea

Chamomile also helps to overcome morning sickness and the desire to vomit. It also helps to calm the stomach and relax.

Vitamin B6

Foods rich in vitamin B6, such as avocados, peaches and chicken, help greatly reduce the feeling of vomiting.

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