Effective tips to get rid of excess weight gained on holidays

Many people wait for holidays to enjoy themselves and spend enjoyable times forgetting the troubles of life and stress, but during holidays many things that negatively affect the health of the body, including gaining weight.

Reasons for weight gain in holidays:

The weight of holidays increases as a result of a number of factors, including excessive takeaway, ice cream, sweets, soft drinks and sweetened juices. This type of food contains high calories, which contribute to the body gaining more weight, which may fail to decrease after the end of the holiday .

To help you solve this problem we offer you these tips based on behavioral guidelines from nutrition specialists so you can return to your normal weight again:


The food that you eat during the holiday throw in your body with many toxins, so you should rid your body of these toxins to regain weight naturally more easily and to achieve this, drink plenty of water and eat food containing fiber and useful fats such as grains Full.


Before you start eating, breathe in the air to make the oxygen enter your body. To achieve this, you have to relax and be relaxed. Experience and research have shown that rest and relaxation increase your ability to ingest and digest food calmly, making you You feel full after eating less.

Writing a list of foods:

Write a list of the foods that you will eat after the end of the holiday and the dates and quantities in a day that will make you adjust your food more.

Weighting :

Measure your body weight every day when you wake up in the morning until you notice the changes that have occurred.

Eating Out:

Do not eat outside of your home once you get back from your vacation. Just eat what you eat during the meal, so eat the food you just mined at home and eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits because they stay in your stomach for a long time and contribute to your feeling full. Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, melons, berries, peaches and pears.

Delight in eating:

When you feel hungry, do not start eating right away, but slow down a little and prepare the table and utensils.

Wrong eating habits:

You should stop for the wrong eating habits, especially after you have returned from your vacation. You may be frustrated by your new weight and accept to eat unattended food.

Sports :

Take advantage of outdoor sports such as walking and running because this contributes to increased calorie consumption and makes the energy you gained easier to release. You should choose the best time in the early morning or after the afternoon because this avoids exposure to radiation. The sun and its heat.

And you should not be distracted from the change that has taken place. It can be controlled if appropriate and correct methods are used.

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