Effective tips for raising happy children

Many parents may be preoccupied with thinking about the future of their children, their success, the school they will go to, their field of study, and many other ideas, but they do not spend time thinking about what makes their children happy. Children are supposed to live happily, but some live a life full of orders, plans and implementation. It is a life that is boring for children and is not fun. Play days will never go back. Others, but success and study, and so on is not yet its time.

If you are thinking about how to raise a happy child, and you still have many day-to-day activities that occupy your time, you can start by taking a deep breath and implementing the advice we have gathered from the children themselves about what makes them feel happy.

1 – Eat at a specified time:

Your children do not have to wait for you to finish your housework, nor do they have to wait for their father to come home. Have you ever experienced hunger to the point of screaming? This is what your child feels when they are waiting for food for a family routine.

Schedule your baby’s meals according to your dates, because you can not delay them for any reason. This will make you feel hungry and develop your mind and body. When your child feels full he will feel happy and happy.

2. Obtaining adequate sleep hours:

Your child should have enough sleep during the day. You can achieve this by teaching your child how to sleep. To facilitate this task, schedule your child’s sleep. Of course, if the child has enough sleep, he will be more active in the morning and happier.

3. Unconditional play:

Unleash your child during play, let him do what he wants, your child is not supposed to play under instructions and instructions. Playing is the only thing that is good for all children.

4 – Expression of feelings:

The child may shout to express his anger, and may cry to express his resentment, and may revolve around himself when puzzled, the child just like you need to express his feelings, but he can not contact his friends to vent what is inside, so let him express in his own way and make him feel you listen to him and Your interest in his order, and then give him assistance, so feelings can lead to psychological problems for your child.

5 – Show love:

You have to give love to your child without any conditions. When children feel loved, their parents feel more confident in themselves and in their decisions.

Give your child all the opportunities he needs to succeed, because the whole process of childhood is based on experience and error. When he feels loved, feels that you are with him in all cases and supports him, he will not despair of trying to achieve success, and thus feel happier.

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