Effective steps to get rid of bad breath

Effective steps to get rid of bad breath

The unpleasant smell of the mouth causes a lot of embarrassment for some, especially at work or with friends. The reason for bad breath is the accumulation of food residues between teeth, smoking and frequent stimulants, and to get rid of the annoying smell of your mouth list of the best natural drinks to get rid of that problem forever

Green tea

Contains a disinfectant of the mouth and contains polyphenols, which helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria causing the smell and a study conducted at the University of Pace, that the extracts of green tea is very effective in combating several types of oral bacteria by preventing growth, and reduces polyphenols from bad sulfur compounds


Eating a cup of yogurt every day reduces the level of smelly hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, because it contains active organisms that compete with the bacteria that cause mouth odor, reducing the accumulation of plaque or lime, and preventing the development of gum disease.


Apple contains many fibers, pectin and antioxidant polyphenols, which destroy the sulfur compounds found in garlic and causing the smell, or eat an apple after eating garlic directly.

natural herbs

Parsley and basil help remove the smell of garlic from the breath. Garlic contains 33 different sulfur compounds, which remain in the mouth and are absorbed in the blood stream. It is expelled when exhaled, but polyphenols in parsley and basil grass help greatly. Smashing sulfur compounds, found in garlic, to get rid of the smell.

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