Effective recipes to strengthen memory and speed of conservation

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It is the ability to recover information from the mind in a timely manner. The problem of repeated forgetfulness causes a lot of inconvenience and has a negative impact on the person’s life and it may affect his dealings with The otherSkull

The brain is defined as the main control unit responsible for the organization of all other processes in the human body and therefore its ability to work efficiently affects a person’s mental abilities such as: ability to focus, the ability to think and analysis and linking concepts and others, Drinks known for their positive effect of stimulating the brain to function more flexibly, we will talk about a group of beverages that strengthen memory and concentration.memory

“Perhaps the first common cause in our time for memory weakness and concentration is iron deficiency, and I focus on iron deficiency and not hemoglobin,

Hemoglobin may be normal and iron deficient so we ask for an iron check to determine the serum or two periods is the iron stock in the body,

If it is incomplete, it must be compensated directly, and the young women are more affected by this lack of iron, because they lose blood periodically monthly, God helped them,

Other elements that, if deficient, cause memory weakness and a concentration of vitamin B12, which has been common in many cases,

And therefore it was incomplete to advise him to take it in the form of muscle injection to those who did not feel it,

Other factors that cause memory weakness and mental disorders are zinc and magnesium, so they should be checked to make sure they are not lacking. “

  1. Try to avoid dehydration and drink plenty of fluids, especially apple juice, which strengthens the memory.
  2. Activate the mind by playing intelligence games like chess.
  3. Deep venting, oxygen helps to relax and think.
  4. Meditation and yoga help to get rid of tension and stress, thus strengthening memory.
  5. To enhance memory, be sure to eat almonds constantly, almonds are the most famous foods that strengthen memory, and can eat almonds with a glass of milk before going to sleep.
  6. Repetition: Try repeating yourself and repeat the things you want to remember. This is a simple but very effective way of strengthening memory.
  7. Writing: By typing the things you want to remember, a picture will be printed from what you wrote in memory, and you will be able to remember it easily.

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Salmon, mackerel, tuna and other types of fish are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially fatty acid “ducoxahyxanwic”, which is a key component of the human brain and is referred to as DHA. DHA helps improve brain neuron function and then activate memory. For the highest nutritional value of fish, doctors recommend that you eat it at least twice a week.

Research indicates that lycopene is rich in antioxidants and fights free radicals that cause cell destruction and increase the incidence of brain diseases, especially Alzheimer’s. Tomatoes also help reduce heart disease, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Eating berries of various kinds, such as cranberries, blueberries and strawberries, also helps reduce the possibility of forgetfulness when you grow older. In addition, it promotes brain function and increases its storage capacity in the short and long term by eliminating toxic proteins that cause forgetfulness in the later stages of life.

Green leaves such as spinach, mallow, cabbage and broccoli contain high amounts of folic acid, which helps to reduce homocysteine ​​in the blood. It is known that the high proportion of this hormone in blood leads to damage nerve cells in the brain and increases the risk of hardening of the arteries of the heart and brain.

Avocados contain high levels of vitamin E and vitamin C rich in antioxidants, which contribute to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and increase the efficiency of the immune system of the body.

Walnuts are other useful foods in strengthening and stimulating memory. The nuts take the shape of the brain, and doctors say it is rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of brain cell damage over time.

Many studies have shown that green tea helps stimulate brain function and improve concentration. You should eat at least one cup a day.

Although eggs are not recommended for those with high blood levels, they are very useful foods in maintaining brain health. Egg yolk contains a high amount of vitamin B12, which reduces the proportion of homocysteine ​​in the blood, and supply the body energy for long periods, which strengthens the attention of the brain and its ability to focus and reduce forgetfulness.

The islands not only enhance vision, but also contribute significantly to improving brain function as it contains a compound called Luteolin, which reduces inflammation of the brain and symptoms of memory loss at age.

Lack of drinking water also causes a decrease in body moisturizing rates, it affects the mental energy of the brain and increases the rate of forgetfulness. So you should drink at least 4 liters of water a day equivalent to 6-8 cups.Memory image

Here are a few tips to improve your memory and focus:

  • Daily sleep is equivalent to 7-8 hours as sleep contributes to the arrangement, collection and stabilization of all the information gained during the day.
  • Eat low-fat healthy foods, and be careful to eat fruits and vegetables continuously.
  • Exercise is where it helps to increase blood pumping to the brain which increases its alertness.
  • Record and organize tasks in a special notebook as this reduces dispersion and increases the ability to focus on each task separately.
  • Exercise intelligence games and solve puzzles from time to time in order to activate brain cells.

There are some drinks that activate the memory and strengthen it is also advised to drink continuously and those drinks include:

  • Cinnamon, which contributes greatly to the activation of memory and increase the proportion of concentration and raise attention and help cinnamon to calm the nerves because of its beautiful smell.
  • Peppermint Mint is characterized by fragrant fragrances that help to relax and prevent distraction, thus increasing concentration, strengthening memory and activating it.
  • Orange, a beverage with many benefits, orange purifies the mind and helps focus and increases the strength of memory as well.
  • Lemon, lemon juice contains a lot of which play an important role in memory activation and increased concentration.

There are some drinks that will increase the concentration and strengthen the memory and help to save quickly, they are natural drinks contain a lot of important nutrients for public health, such as vitamins, salts, minerals and other elements, so advised people with poor concentration And memory and people who have difficulty in conservation to take a look at such drinks in the juice of mandarin, ginger syrup and mulberry juice.Photo Sport

There are simple and entertaining memory enhancement exercises at the same time that you can apply to increase your memory power:

1- Memory Game: The memory game is a memory game. We all remember this game and love it. It is a collection of cards that have similar pairs such as two cars, two cars, two trains, and so on. We arrange them upside down by hiding the drawing and finding the identical couple only by remembering. Another simple game you can play every day is to save the road and the parameters of your return home and then try to draw the road and its features, this game will activate memory.

2. Computational exercises: Many of us do not like math and complex arithmetic, but applying computations to subtract, collect, multiply and divide will stimulate your brain and strengthen your memory.

3. Brain Games: As we live in the digital world, we can take advantage of brain games, just search for brain games on search engines, most of which match shapes and colors and evaluate speed.

For example, our favorite game is “Name, Place, Animal, Plant”. This game will catch you and activate your memory, also try to remember the names of the cities in your country, or the names of the seas. In the world, or the names of boys and girls in your family.

5 – Cooking: Cooking is designed to strengthen the memory of fun, where cooking requires the movement and use of all senses of smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing, which in itself a good exercise for the brain, while you can identify the flavors and aromas to activate your memory.

6 – Happiness: We must train ourselves to happiness and the work of things that we are happy because joy and happiness is the key to strong memory. Sad feelings, fear, depression, envy, sadness, hatred, insomnia and anxiety all confuse memory and weaken it.

In a recent study, neuroscientists noted that people who ate high levels of vitamins B, C, D and E had higher mental abilities and stronger memory.

Make sure you get your daily needs of vitamin B12 specifically, available in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and whole grains. Research has been linked to poor memory and low vitamin levels.

In general, you should not substitute food with capsules for the daily needs of these vitamins. Attention should be paid to reducing trans fat in foods, especially fried and baked foods, where studies have linked high fat rates and decreased memory functions.

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