Effective home teeth whitening methods

White teeth dream many girls and young people, especially to get rid of the effects of smoking and coffee, and here are the best 5 steps to whiten the teeth at home quickly in one day

– Daily cleaning

Taking care of cleaning your teeth three times a day, after each meal to get rid of deposits, helps you ge white teeth , so be sure to accompany you brush and toothpaste wherever you go.

Honey Honey Mix

Put a little natural honey on the toothbrush and then put the toothpaste on it and brush your teeth naturally and you will notice the whiteness of the first brushing you and repeated as needed

– Appropriate cuisine

Try to stay away from colored foods, and caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee, because they play a large role in yellowing teeth, avoiding as much as possible to eat these foods and drinks, and much of the fruit and vegetables.

Salt and Bicarbonate Soda

Is a natural blend ideal for teeth whitening, which can be used once a day to remove the yellow layer of teeth and bleaching naturally.

– Dental lotion and thread

Do not neglect the importance of tooth lotion, which is equal to the importance of putty and toothbrush, but do not use it as an alternative to the brush, and then try to wash your teeth with the thread at least three times a week.

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