Effect of menstrual cycle on the digestive system

You are no longer aware of the extent of the effect of the menstrual cycle on your body and all of its organs, which is according to the scientific explanation of the reflection of hormonal changes that affect all organs of your body and the digestive system, especially. Here are the forms of the effects of the menstrual cycle on the movement of your digestion and how to control it.

Constipation:   It is very common to get constipation dear during ovulation and not during the same repetition, ie, after approximately 15 days of the session, as the movement of the hormones of progesterone allow them to fall eggs, the same is resolved in the movement of the bowel muscles that slow down the movement contribute to the same thing . We recommend that you increase your fiber during the period, such as oats, potatoes, rice, dried fruits and especially peaches.

– Diarrhea:  before the date of return, a few days you may suffer diarrhea that may extend in turn even during the session and what makes you suffer from severe pain from two sources both passed! Surprisingly, diarrhea in this case is a reaction to a normal physical reaction that has nothing to do with your diet, for example, or exposure to cold, because it is simply caused by a significant increase in the rate of estrogen secretions. Here, we advise you to stay away from foods rich in sugar, spices, spices, pans and dairy products as they may aggravate your condition.

Unjustified Hunger:  There is no doubt that you and most girls suffer from the problem of hunger, craving for sweets and fatty foods before and during remodeling. This is due to the rapid and radical changes in the movement of the hormones of progesterone and estrogen in your body, so pay attention to everything you eat. This period is because every calorie calculated by you is unavoidable!

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