Education experts: Open your bank account at the bank at the age of 7 years

Many parents want to teach their children to take responsibility from a young age, but they do not know how to get there, although initially they may be forced to provide part of their expenses and set a big goal before their eyes to spend their savings on it.

An American study of 100 families with children aged 7 to 15, said that children who learn to save some of their money or work during vacations have a greater chance of learning leadership and take up higher positions after graduation.

Parents can teach their children to save in a number of ways. The most important of these is to encourage the contribution: by giving them a small wardrobe to save money with a small amount of encouragement from the parents in the treasury and following the child from time to time to buy a toy for the child or a book in which he feels this is his personal achievement.

The second method is the intelligent deprivation: parents refrain from buying some of the child’s wishes and the child to bear the expense of his or her own desire, with parents explaining to him that this is not a kind of punishment, but comes from participation and dependence on the child and the parents’ By asking the child to buy everything.

The brotherly competition comes in third place and depends on the creation of parents to compete with their children to know who can achieve a greater goal. This method is usually used with older siblings and results in great results because the other brother is helping parents to succeed.

One of the most important and most effective methods is the role model. This method is also called because it depends on the work of two stores, one for parents and the other for the children. Each parent and child should put an equal amount in his closet to buy a big gift for the child at the end of a certain period of time, Actually an amount equal to what the parents put in their closet.

The fifth and final method is to open an account for your son in the bank: Some parents may be surprised at first this step believing that this young child will not take responsibility, and will not do anything with this account, although this provides the child with force and confidence in himself, especially when he goes with his parents To the bank actually and put in his account the small amount that he deposited.

We must not forget that saving our children is not taught by schools but is a value that the smart family should take care of because this will create their children to take responsibility in the future.

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