Eating a child’s food with his parents increases his appetite

Metabolism in the human body determines the amount of consumption of food daily, but the metabolism in children is weak so that children find it difficult to feel hungry or eat.

According to Dr. Ahmed Salah, a specialist in the treatment of childhood diseases and newborns, the child needs healthy balanced meals so that his body is properly and properly built, so we often advise mothers to have healthy meals.

One of the most common problems faced by mothers is the unwillingness of children to eat and what to do. In this case, the mother advises that the child should take meals in the presence of a family to meet the family together to eat, this will increase the appetite of children and their willingness to accept healthy foods.

Ahmed said one recent study has shown that children who eat with their parents have the ability and willingness to return to healthy habits more than those who eat alone, especially if the child is older than 5 years of age.

He pointed out that the study, said that eating the child’s food with his family makes him not suffering from lack of vitamin D, which is responsible for strengthening the bone in addition to the lack of iron deficiency, which leads to the weakness of the focus and weak achievement of the student compared to children eating alone.

He warned of some mothers who resort to feeding their children ready meals as a kind of dowry or reward, because the child used to, and therefore refuses to eat independent healthy foods demand his share in eating those foods.

In addition, they are highly harmful, with almost zero nutritional value, in addition to containing large amounts of fat, which means that the child is exposed to obesity and its complications since a very young age.

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