Drinks increase the risk of kidney disease

A recent study found that drinks loaded with sugars, fruit juices and even tea can increase the risk of kidney disease.

He told researchers that soft and soft drinks are the most dangerous to the kidneys, as people who drink them regularly face a higher risk of 61%, and their findings revealed that excessive tea also linked to the risk of kidney disease.

The study found that sugars in soft and sweet drinks may lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and insulin resistance over time. These drinks can put progressive pressure on the kidney and contribute to accelerating the loss of this vital organ for its main functions.

The Johns Hopkins University study examined drinking consumption data among 3003 African-American men and women in the United States, who are more likely to have kidney diseases of Caucasian origin.

Sweet and gaseous beverages are one of the main causes of kidney damage, similar to smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and lack of exercise, the Daily Mail reported.

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